What others say

Experience with Orbit Ground School

What others say

Experience with Orbit Ground School

Certificate ATPL, CPL or IR

Hundreds of Orbit students at home and abroad already have their ATPL, CPL or IR certificate in their pocket. Many graduates work for well-known airlines (British Airways, KLM, Transavia, easyJet, Ryanair, Cityjet, Lufthansa Cityline, Air Berlin, Denim Air, Air Hongkong, Oasis Air, FlyBE, EPST, Picamas, DHL, Luxair, Cathay Pacific Airways).

Reputable flight schools and major airlines are also convinced of the success of our teaching methods. Transavia Airlines, the Royal Netherlands Air Force/Navy and the Aviation Police Service, among others, make intensive use of our theoretical training courses. In addition, we have built excellent relationships with well-known national and international aviation companies and government agencies, including the British, German and Belgian aviation authorities.


Ambassador there

“I would like to thank Orbit Grounschool for the support I have received in recent months during my theory training based on 'Distance Learning'. Orbit Groundschool has ensured that I, as a military pilot, have received customization when obtaining my ATPL(H)-IR theory. The management of the school has professional knowledge, flexibility, service orientation, the right contacts and perseverance! For an ATPL/CPL/IR theory course I will refer my aviation acquaintances, colleagues and anyone who wants to follow a theory course to Arnhem.”

Battle won

“Attached my “certificate” for passing all 14 subjects. Thank you for your help and contribution to this “struggle”. On to the fun part.

Support and enthusiasm

“For me, the Orbit wing symbolizes the hours of hard work and the effort it took to take myself to the next level. Something I was able to achieve thanks to your support and enthusiasm. The papers from the CBR are the most important documents, but instinctively I have really closed the ATPL theory with the kite wings.”

ATPL theory and exams

“Hi Team Orbit, I received my certificate in the mail. Thanks for the good guidance and help during my ATPL theory and exams. I will definitely recommend you to others.”

A lot of knowledge

“People who understand me. And an instructor with a lot of knowledge, who can explain the material in a good and pleasant way. Nothing but praise. Thanks for the very useful days.”


“You will never believe it, but I just passed my last course 🙂 Am I still among the 99% on your website…”

After eight months my certificate ATPL

“Nice folders and everything in color. Plus a DVD with animations. The course gives the opportunity to choose between learning behind the computer or old-fashioned about the books. Interim, mandatory progression tests are done online. The big advantage is that you immediately know whether you master the material or not. The instructors for the brush-up course turned out to be all experienced pilots who know what you're going through. Eight months after opening the box of books, I had the certificate with ATPL at home.”

child help

“I hope you are doing well, just to say you one's again thank you very much for your kind help in a way to get Dutch license. Orbit is a best school!”

I can strongly recommend Orbit Ground School

"From The Time Orbit Gained FTO Apphroval, The Staff Always Made Sure Everything Ran Smoothly. I Did Not Experience A Single Hiccup, And With That, Managed to Pass All My Exams on their First Attmpts. Orbit Groundschool Provided Me With A Very Efficient And Cost Effective Way or Convert to the Jar Licence. I Can Strongly Recommend Orbit Groundschool to Anyone Else Considering An ATPL Distance Learning Course. For Quality and Value They Cannot Go Fits Orbit. "

Beautiful study material

“The contents of the package are fantastic! Wonderful study material, with beautiful images, really very professional.”

Be advised that you have one very happy customer!

“The wide range of subjects, the quality of the printing, the quality of the paper, and the care that you have taken in putting this whole course together are all impressive to me. Everything seems to be exactly what I wanted.”

The above reviews are based on actual student experiences.
Personal data has been omitted out of respect for privacy.

Do you have any questions about a course? Or do you need help finding the course that matches your required needs? Our team is happy to help! You can also request a free consultation on the day and time of your choice. Personal approach and tailor-made solutions are our motto. Orbit Groundschool was founded in 2003, has been approved and is recognized as an EASA Approved Training Organization (ATO) by the Dutch Civil Aviation Authorities under certification number NL-ATO-25 for all its training courses.